Seattle Area Seventh Day Baptist Church, Auburn Washington

Church Covenant

The church covenant is a statement of the commitments of the believers who form its membership. The covenant is, then, a "purpose statement" for the congregation, expressing the responsibilities of membership. But it is more than just a listing of responsibilities. To join together with others in the same covenant is to enter into the community gathered by the Holy Spirit into a particular congregation. The joining of believers together in covenant relationship is the action which brings a new congregation into existence. The church thus formed continues to maintain its life and identity as a congregation, as others also come to share its common faith and covenant commitments, joining with the members of the covenant community in maintaining them.

Covenant of the Seattle Area Seventh Day Baptist Church

Being in substantial agreement with each other, we enter into covenant with our God and with each other as the Seattle Area Seventh Day Baptist Church, to walk with the help of God, according to the following covenant.

Article I.   We agree to keep the commandments of God and walk in the faith of Jesus Christ.

Article II.   We agree to accept the Holy Scriptures as our rule of faith and practice.

Article III.   We agree to watch over each other for good, to the intent that we may build up together in Christ, grow in grace and a further knowledge of the truth, and be instrumental in bringing men to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Article IV.  We agree to faithfully attend the appointments, and bear the burdens and expenses of the church, according as God may give us severally the ability.

All these things will we endeavor to do by the help of God through His Word and His Holy Spirit.   Amen.