Seattle Area Seventh Day Baptist Church, Auburn Washington

Who We Are

We are a caring fellowship in Christ, living in the freedom and joy of God's Grace and committed to His Word.  Our congregation is a member of the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference, USA and Canada.

Our worship services are non-liturgical and are characterized by the "blended style" of both traditional and contemporary elements.  Congregational sharing and prayer, expository preaching and a children's message are included in our worship service.   We meet for worship at 10 AM on Saturday mornings because we are a Sabbath-observing church.  We often have Bible study or support groups of different kinds meeting in people's homes, with a women's prayer group meeting regularly on Tuesday night in one home.  Various social events are planned throughout the year to encourage the bonds we have as a church family.

For a simple summary of our beliefs and practices (with brief reference to some that are particular to our own congregation), download the short document " Where We Stand on the Basics".  See the Seventh Day Baptist Statement of Belief for a detailed account of what we believe, and  A Thumbnail Sketch of Seventh Day Baptists, 1650 - Present for an understanding of our historical background.   For an outline of how we differ from Seventh-day Adventists, see A Comparison of Seventh Day Baptists with Seventh-day Adventists.   For more information about Seventh Day Baptists, visit the General Conference web site at  Our Church Covenant expresses our commitments to God and one another.

The relationship we have with Christ as Savior and Lord, and with each other through the love of Christ, makes us what we are as a congregation.  Christ offered up his life on the Cross that all who repent of sin and trust in him for salvation might receive forgiveness and eternal life as God's free gift.  Those who personally receive this gift through faith, are "born again" by God's Spirit and begin to live a new life.  It is a life characterized by an inner joy that shows itself in the desire to live for Christ.  Living for Christ, obeying God's word, seeking to do what pleases God... all are done out of gratitude for salvation, not the misguided notion that we earn God's favor by doing good or seeking to live righteous lives.  Our salvation rests upon what Christ did for us, not what we do for ourselves.  So the fear that on the last day we won't measure up or make the cut has no place in a Christian's heart.  As Jesus said in John 5:24 (NIV), "Whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life."   This knowledge frees us to serve God without fear and to live the Christian life with joy and confidence.  It is a hallmark of our congregation at the Seattle Area Seventh Day Baptist Church.

We are evangelical; that is, we believe and teach that the Bible is God's word, and we seek to reach others with its greatest message: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   We believe in prayer and in life in (and guidance by) the Holy Spirit.

We welcome you to visit us or to contact our pastor by phone (at 253-288-7688) or at the email address below.